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Root Canal Treatment/

RCT Indirapuram


Will the tooth be safe after treatment ?


  • Yes. However, because a ‘dead' tooth is more brittle, And you will need to have a crown to provide extra support and strength to the tooth.

What Is a root Canal treatment ?

Though there are many treatments available to help patients to preserve their infected and decayed teeth, but the most advanced and painless treatment to treat infected teeth is Painless Root Canal Treatment or root canal infection treatment. Painless Root Canal Treatment is procedure that is mainly executed by dentists to remove the pulp tissues from the decayed or infected teeth. This treatment procedure is very effective and painless. This treatment is like a boon for dental patients because previously there was no option left for patients with decayed or infected teeth rather than removing it. After the advent on painless Root Canal Treatment now patients can treat their infected teeth without removing them.

Does root canal treatment hurt or pain ?

  • No. the root canal dentist will use a local anesthetic and it should feel no different to having an ordinary filling done. There may be some tenderness afterwards but this should gradually get less over time.

Why would I need a crown?


Crowns AKA root canal permanent filling are an ideal way to repair teeth that have been broken, or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling. A crown could be used for a number of other reasons, Ask your dentist what suits your case.

  • you may have a discolored filling and would like to improve the appearance of the tooth

  • you may have had a root filling and need a crown to protect what is left of the tooth

  • it may help to hold a bridge or denture firmly in place.

What is a crown made of?


the root canal dentist can make the Crown of a variety of different materials and new materials are continually being introduced. Some of the most popular options are listed below. Porcelain bonded to precious metal: this is what most crowns are made from. A precious metal base is made and then porcelain is applied in layers over it.

Ask your dentist for other options in crown, Some come with as long as 15 years warranty.

Why Painless Root Canal Treatment is required?

When infected or decayed tooth is left untreated, then the infection may spread into the substance of tooth which may further infect the pulp. If the pulp of the patient becomes infected, then it starts degenerating. Alike all other infection, there is a formation of pus-pocket in this condition at the tip of the roots within your jawbone, which is known as abscess. So, the patients will experience serve pain and swelling because of this abscess which may further affect the jawbone as well. So, painless Root Canal Treatment is quite essential to treat the condition.


In the first step of the procedure, the dentists will drill the infected area so as to access the infected pulp. Once they drill the area, the dentists will remove the infect pulp tissue and then continue drilling the root canal. After removing the pulp and drilling the root canal, the dentists will disinfect the canal with the help of saline water and medical compounds. Standard filling material is used by the dentists to seal the canals and to prevent future infections. After filling and sealing the canals, the tooth is covered with the help of crown to protect it from fractures. The crown is placed immediately after the filling is done. It is important because once the tooth is fractured it becomes very difficult to save the tooth.

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