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Pricing and Plans

General Dental Treatment

Consultation Rs. 500​

Radiograph  Rs. 200

Dental Scaling Rs. 1500 Onwards

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Grossly decayed or Root Canal Treated Tooth 2500​

Wisdom tooth   Rs. 3500

Impacted/Infected tooth            Rs. 7500-9500

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3M Lava Zircon Premium Rs.15000​

3M Lava Zircon Rs. 12000​

All Ceramic Premium Rs 9000*


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Dental Implant

Touareg ™ (per implant) Rs. 25000​

​TSA III   Rs. 35000 **​

TSA IV with Graft   Rs. 45000 **

Multiple implant White Dental.jpg

Orthodontic Braces

Metal Rs. 35,000 **

Ceramic Rs. 45,000 **

DAMON Self Ligating Rs 75000 **

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Cosmetic Dentisry

Teeth whitening(bleaching)

Office whitening  Rs. 7900 **

Laser whitening  Rs. 12000 **


Dental Implant

Full Mouth All on 4- 200000 onwards for upper and lower depending on bone and implant selection.​

Grafting 4000 per tooth

Multiple implant White Dental.jpg


Single Denture Acrylic   Rs. 9000

Denture Upper Lower Acrylic  Rs. 18000

Single Denture Flexible  Rs. 14000

Full denture Implant White Dental.jpg

Invisible Braces

Clear aligners Dentcare      Rs. 60000 to 90000

Alignwise  Rs. 90000 to 1,60,000

Invasalign        Rs. 24000 to 4,60,000

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